If you've always wondered how our products would look in your hands before buying them, today might be the day you find answers. In the context of our start-up series, we would like to introduce and discuss Plattar, the Augmented Reality Platform for Product Experiences a. At Gogoprint, we're always on the lookout for the latest in tech that could help us better serve our customers.

Let’s have a look at what Plattar can do, and you can let us know if this is something you’d like to see as part of Gogoprint. In a nutshell, Plattar is a cloud-based platform that allows brands to display their products in augmented reality. In other words, you could see what your flyers and business cards would look like in someone’s hands before they are even sent to production.

Providing Customer and Firm Benefits

As an e-commerce company, Gogoprint doesn't have a physical store or showroom where products can be seen and felt before buying them. However, sometimes it's hard for customers to imagine what a product really looks like. For bigger purchases, this can be an issue, as customers are likely to abandon their order.

Augmented Reality can provide a solid solution for that: It allows customers to experience products before purchasing them, right there on their mobile.

The main advantages for e-commerce firms are that: (i) it makes it way easier for customers to engage with brands and products, and (ii) it can move customers through the purchasing tunnel faster.

As such, AR can be seen as a natural next step for many e-commerce sites, as it provides sizeable benefits to both customers and firms. All in all, it smoothens the purchasing experience and can resolve many customer concerns.

Plattar is a pioneer in the AR market, having identified the potential of AR for ecommerce before others. If you'd like to see what AR could look like with Gogoprint, feel free to add your feedback in the comments.

If you're an e-commerce looking for AR capabilities, feel free to check out the Plattar website, or reach out to them!